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Blue Falcon

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If anyone good at Photoshop wants to tackle this, here's a suggestion: with the current monochrome craze in the NFL, do the same thing with throwback unis. Here are the possible combos:

Patriots: red jersey/red pants

Jets: kelly green/kelly green

Bills: royal blue/royal blue (with white helmet)

Colts: royal blue/royal blue

Oilers: light blue/light blue

Broncos: orange/orange

Chiefs: red/red

Giants: blue/blue

Redskins: burgundy/burgundy

Lions: blue/blue

Buccaneers: orange/orange

Vikings: purple/purple

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Here you go:


one layer for the helmet

one for the jersey

and one for the pants and socks

all in all it's very monochronomic(is that a word, if it isn't it should be)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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