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Saints Website Mystery


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This thing appears on the Saints website, but clicking it just takes you to the homepage. Don't know if that's the intent or what it's supposed to mean. Well, kind of like the state of Louisiana patch they started wearing this year with no explanation. ???

For those who may not know, the "shield" logo was used as a secondary logo when the Saints came into the NFL in 1967.


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I like the Louisianan patch they are wearing but the shield shoudl stay in the past it syas Tulane Stadium, Todd Dempsey and D'Agratian Martin to me.

I'm going to disagree on this. I think the shield is pretty sweet. Then again, I love the Chargers shield too.

By the way, Tank wouldn't you have been about 2 when the Saints moved out of Tulane Stadium? :P

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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