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Because they're undefeated with a +120 scoring differential, you knob.

Seriously, how are the Colts #1 after beating the Titans by a point? The NFC isn't so bad anymore. Give up that snarky "haha, the worst AFC team is better than the best NFC team" act. Is it 2004?

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Honestly, if the Bears were in the AFC, no way they'd be 5-0. They'd be 2-3 at best.

And if the Colts played a team that has won more than 5 games in the last 2 years, they wouldn't be undefeated.

(I don't know exactly if the Jets or Titans have won more than 5 in the last 2 years, it was an exaggeration over how they are beating craptacular teams.)


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I agree with this one.

The Bears are obviously the best in football. They have a stifling Defense and a surprising offense. There isnt anyone who puts together those two dangerous qualities better.

As soon as Mr NCState learns to spread the ball around (finally got Gates involved this week) this team will have almost as good of a balance as the Bears.

The Colts dont look awesome, but they have wins, and thats what counts.

The United States Saints are the most over-rated team in football.

Wait, maybe its the Patriots.

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1. Bears

2. Broncos

3. Chargers

4. Ravens

5. Bengals

Broncos ahead of the Chargers because they beat a mutual opponent that the Chargers didn't and for the reason they did -- Marty Schottenheimer. Ravens ahead of the Bengals because while the Ravens lost within the last 6 minutes to a good team, the Bengals got destroyed by a Patriots team that's not so hot. The Bengals defense has problems.

I love not having to put Steelers in here thanks to Big Ben's 0 TD's and 7 INT's.

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1. Colts

2. Broncos

3. Ravens

4. Patriots

5. Chargers

Why the Bears #1? I have them at #17.

-puts two and two together-

You have the worst teams in the NFL (Titans & Raiders) ahead of currently, THE best team in the NFL. Respectfully, I have to say that your rankings make no sense at all. I mean come on, once you can get over the fact that the AFC isn't just whomping folks like they did a couple of years ago, then your rankings will make some sort of sense.

With that being said, here's my top 5:

1. Bears

2. Colts

3. Eagles

4. Broncos

5. Ravens

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