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Hockey Tattoos


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I LOVE Hockey

I would stab my mom in the eye to be an NHL player, I love tattoos, I have three. But I would never get a sports team logo tattooed on myself, unless i was on the team.

However, here is a link to nhl tattoos.

some are pretty good, others not so good

but it is interesting.



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Wow. That's taking a bit far, don't you think?


And that's backwards.

There is a patrick roy tattoo, the work is amazing, the artist did a great job, but i think that the step after getting that tattoo is either killing his pets or rubbing one out in his bushes.


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Sometimes the real world is stranger than anything you could possibly make up.

I know that last year the coach and assistant coach of the Fort Worth Texans (Junior B, WSHL) got the team logo tattooed on themselves. I (as team broadcaster) offered to get one as a fundraiser, with people voting with their dollars for arm, leg, shoulder blade, or ass in the event the team won the national title. The Texans won their league and went to nationals, but didn't win. Just as well, we never set up the fundraiser anyway. The team folded this summer, but if we get another somewhere down the road I might try to do it.


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Worst tattoo ever?

1. Why would you get Khabibulin tattoo'd on your back?

2. Does it even say Khabibulin?

A lot of the others are just very, very poorly drawn.


This one would be exempt from the last statement, but still, I wouldn't want a tattoo like that.

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