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Seahawks Photoshop Concept


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Well, I did this when I first got photoshop, and after reading some posts I have been inspired to post this....

I got rid of the seahawks blue, used the darker "navy" blue, changed the helmet to silver, as well as the pants....


EDIT: The Road Unis are here! Plus two Alternate Combos....





Home Alt.


Road Alt.


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This PS job really makes taht electric green pop out a lot more. After seeing this get-up, laybe they sould ditch the Puget Slate (seahawk blue) altogether and no navy, electric green, and silver. Talk about UNIQUE!!!

One thing I'd suggest: outline the numbers in electirc green just to see how it looks--although I bet sans-outline numbers--pretty much what you have here--would be just as well.

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I don't know how you could possibly view this as a downgrade. Their monochrome looks horrible. This is nice. I'd never have thought I'd like the electric green, but it's a very nice complimentary color here.

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the only problem with this concept is that silver is not part of the seahawks color scheme. but this does look good i would just use seahawk blue instead of navy and make the sleve logo bigger and if you can add some silver to the logo.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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