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CONCEPT81: Denver Broncos


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I made these up last night after glancing at my Elway, jersey from the '94 season. I like this jersey a lot and thought that it would be cool to update it a bit and see what it could look like if they wore them today. Here's what I done....

1) Darkened the orange and went with a darker royal blue and dropped the navy

2) Changed the logo on the helmet using the old "D'' style with the updated horse

3) Added a wordmark

4) Added their 'current' helmet logo to the sleeves as an alernate and moved the sleeve numbers up to the shoulders

5) Went back to block numbers

6) Changed the facemask to blue to match the helmet and dropped the stripes on the helmet

7) Added a set of blue pants

I don't remember what the socks looked like during that year so I just made a set to go along with the style of the jersey's


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Dude that is awesome !!! love blending the old with the new ....kinda like the little brighter orange to set off the blue a little more , not to say you need to go with a day glo orange or something , nothing that crazy but a shade or 2 lighter would be interesting to see....And the only other thing is would like to see what a double stripe up the middle of the helmet would look like too ..... but over all I love this 10 times better they thier current set!!!! Great job

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Here are 4 designs that I came up with right quick for the pant stripe. I personally like the helmet logo on the side of the pants but I'll leave the color combination up 2 all of you - C&C as usual - Thanks!


I did a lil' research and I found that they wore solid color socks with this design in '94 but I like my striped version better. I didn't realize that I had reversed the color on the sleeves for the away set but it look's good to me so I won't change it, besides this is supposed 2 be a play off of the '94 set so this would be my tweak! I'll put the helmet stripes on once you all decided on which color combo look's better from the pant's concept that I posted above - Thank's

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The horse looks really contorted.

I used an alternate logo that was part of the package that Nike, did for Denver, when they came out with these designs. I don't think that Denver, ever used it for anything so I thought that it would be a good tie-in with using the old "D'' and the modern horse. The original design that I made had the puff of smoke coming out of it's nose just like the original did but I didn't like it much so I ditched it!

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I like what you have done here. The only problem I am having is the pants. Something just doesn't seem right about them. And as far as uniform sleeve. I like it, but it just seems a little awkward.

The new uniforms are the best in the leauge

.......LMAO :rolleyes:

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