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Chicago Olympics 2016


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Yes, I like the logo... it's clever.

Although the Chicago skyline in flames is a weird image

Wouldn't be the first time Chicago's skyline was in flames.

Is that a Great Chicago fire joke? Masterful. Yeah, I'd be shocked if Chicago got it. But, that's not such a bad thing for people who live there. It's gonna be hell getting around and to me, the Olympics just aren't worth that headache.

Anyway, cool logo. I didn't catch the skyline at first.

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What's going to hurt the Chicago bid is what killed New York for 2012 - the lack of a track stadium. They can't really rejigger Soldier Field without cutting the capacity. The other venues are reasonable - the United Center for hoops, Allstate Arena for gymnastics, UIC pavilion for women's hoops, Northwestern Ryan Arena for boxing, Loyola's gym, the old DePaul gym, the new soccer stadium, and so on. McCormick place would host a lot of minor events (fencing, weightlifting). Navy Pier and the lakefront could host beach volleyball and triathlon. And sailing, instead of being shunted off to a coastal city, could be held in Lake Michigan.

There was also some talk of moving some events to northwestern Indiana and southeast Wisconsin. Which, understandably, has me interested.

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