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Question for concept designers


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You guys are really, really talanted.

I have a ton of ideas in my head, but not the skills or means to create a concept.

I was just wondering: After you have the design in your head. How long does it take to actually create the jersey/logo etc...

It looks like the amount of work shows up in the skill level we see here.

Just curious.



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I am not the most qualified person to answer this but I'll do my best to answer your query. Like yourself, I am continually impressed at the quality of work that is shared on these boards. The answer to how long it takes to complete a concept really depends on the person. Some are able to work very quickly, some take their time to finish.

If I may, I would like to give you some options as you begin your quest of sharing your ideas with this community. Just a couple of tips and tricks that I've seen people use here or suggest that newer designers use.

  • Draw your concepts by hand first - Personally, I find drawing with a mouse on a computer screen quite difficult. If you can draw some basic shapes on a piece of paper and scan that image in and "trace" over those lines I think you'll have a much easier time with your creations.
  • Use vector based image editors - There is a decided benefit to vector images compared to raster images so I suggest getting the means to create your work in that format. Most people use PhotoShop, but if you don't have it or are unwilling/unable to shell out the moola to purchase a copy there are a few decent open source programs that will do. The GIMP and Inkscape work well. Download them and give them a try.
  • No excuses, create like a champion - pardon the Wedding Crashers reference but I've noticed that people don't sympathize too much with the "I use MSPaint, so it can't be that great." excuse. I've seen some amazing things done with MSPaint. The program you choose to use as your "canvas" is your choice. Use what ever you feel comfortable with.
  • Don't worry about "deadlines" - Most people post concepts when their finished. You never see unfinished concepts posted by the best. So if you're not done by a certain date, don't worry about it, just finish it when you can and share it with us then. A late, well-executed concept is better than a rushed, shoddy one.
  • Use these boards as a reference - Many people here are willing to offer help if your stuck on a detail or unsure how to go forward. Don't expect to spoon-fed (how else will you become a better concept-artist?), but don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

I think those things are good to keep in mind. Good luck in creating your concepts. I look forward to see what you can do.

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when I usually get a logo idea, first I attempt to draw it on the nearest sheet of paper (ironically, I can't draw that well), and try to translate it to the screen, to the best of my ability. Then, and only then, do I worry about the uniform, regardless of whether I've drawn that up as well or not. This might take anywhere from 15 minutes to 15 days, depending on whether you're mailing it in or actually want it to look good.

if it's an existing logo, however, I usually start with the jersey cus I know what logos I'm gonna use, and also how I'm gonna use em. As I say in my sig, you can tell a bad concept cus it looks like mug didn't know which way was up. Generally, that's cus the whole thing was rushed out the door (see patsox). Most uniforms don't take quite as long to do as logos do, though more extravagant stuff can take a little longer.

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i remember the first concept that i got off the ground using illustrator was the san diego chargers. beatnik gave me a copy of his template after i asked him cause' i had been a big fan of his work and still am. it took me a while to get the hang of it because that template was pretty much like a paint-by-numbers but i do remember how hard it was when i didn't know about dropping colors into the palette box below so picutre me sitting there with a notebook with the cmyk percentage of each color that went into the design putting them in by hand....boy i've come a long way!

i am still not where i would like to be with my skills using illustrator but i would say that i'm up there with the best 5 concept posters on here. everyday i learn something new with it and it's just another benefit to your skills by learning it. i recently overhauled my template to make it even easier for me to pop out a concept so would used to take me maybe 2-3 days...i can get it out in like 10 minutes. i got a broncos post up right now using my revised template and it only took me like 5-6 minutes and that's only cause' i was messing around to get the right colors to go.

there are many factors for other concept artist in creating their designs and it really depends on skill and or how difficult your design will be. i had to learn the pen tool and how it bends so that i could add pipping to my uniforms if need. i reccomend sketching your designs out first especially when they first hit u cause usually those are the best one's and then refine them like using color pencils and see what u got. then if u get some good software like illustrator u can gradually step your game up and get the ball rolling. it wont be easy at first but i am a natural born artist and there are many levels 2 an artist from a pad and pen but you remember that you gotta start somewhere!

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Trial and error and lots of time. My first concepts from years ago were pure crap, but I took the advice of my peers and tried my best to fix those problems. With time you can develop your very own ways to do things (I know the way I do things is probably way different than everyone else, but it's how I've figured out how to do things.) That's the best advice I have.

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