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Defunct nhl cross-overs


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Well, I'm snowed in and bored so I started this project. It's Defunct NHL Football crossover. I will hopefully cross all the defunct NHL teams into football concepts. I will go in Alphabetical order according to city. All post the links here, and add update replies. As always comments are welcomed. I'm using the logo's off this site, chriscreamer.com for those who don't know what site there on :P

Atlanta Flames

Cleveland Barons

Colorado Rockies

Hamilton Tigers

Hartford Whalers

Kansas City Scouts

Minnesota North Stars

Montreal Maroons

Montreal Wanderers

First One:

Flames- I based this of the Flames jersey of back when they were in Atlanta. It came out looking Chiefish. I did'n't go with a falcon type look except that I hate thier jersey's

P.S- I know there's an NFL logo on the collar. I didn't delete it off the template it's not that big of a deal.

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I know there's an NFL logo on the color....

Collar. Collar. Collar.

I know i'm no spelling whiz, but this is just one of those mistakes i've seen too many times and it's just like, that itch you have to scratch....

It's all good, jkr....

I Like the uniform too...

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Just added 2 more,

Cleveland Barons- Browns stipes, with Barons colors and a logo on the helmet.

Colorado Rockies- Some of you are going to hate this but I used Bronco stripes on the jersey. Regular stripes on pants and helmet, logo on jersey sleeves

That's all for now, I may add a few later on tonight.

EDIT: Thanks JQ, I'm an idiot who types too fast

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H Update:

Tigers- Steelerish, but not a copy. H logo on helmet, Tiger logo on sleeve.

Whalers- Patriots meet Whalers. Grey pants like the Pats. Striping based on Whalers jersey's before they moved. Also Grey facemask.

That's it tonight, some more tomorrow.

Comments on the jersey are welcomed.

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2 more

Kansas City Scouts- Based on the chiefs, with Scout colors

Minnesota North Stars- Based on the Vikings. I added solid color pants though. Funny thing about this is because of the North Stars colors it looks like the Packers merged with Vikings

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these are awesome! :D

You did well on the Rockies & Scouts, I noticed the Chiefs influence with the Scouts unis.  

Don't forget the Oakland Seals - could be good.

PS - I wish we were snowed in - we got a bit of snow last week but the 37 degree weather melted it.  I like SNOW!

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These are all good.  Not real crazy about the Rockies but that's because I'm not crazy about the Broncos' format and I realize that's what you were following.  So far the Flambee's is my fave.
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I like the Rockies and North Stars the best. My brain sees a whalers concept with a whale tale on the helmet in a style similar to the Eagles. Same with the Flames, like the old Chicago Burn or Fire, whatever the old WFL team was.

Otherwise, good, simple, clean designs. Nice work.

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