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Minor League Hockey Changes


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Haven't seen these mentioned before, so apologies if they've already been mentioned.

The Hershey Bears have new jerseys with a sort of modernized classic look, which I think might be a case of an alternate becoming a primary, but I'm not certain.



Last year's model, for comparison:


The Houston Aeros have made another step toward looking good again on the ice. Not only have they brought back The Bomber and ditched the goofy red fighter plane, but they've replaced that atrocious military stencil font with something resembling a drop-shadowed version of the L.A. Avengers.



Yes, they're still just cloning the Wild, but they're looking a whole lot better now.

Also, the Cincinnati Cyclones are heralding their return with new unis. I haven't found anything online, but an image in the new RCS catalog looks like a downgrade. Reminiscent of the Calgary Flames red unis, with the bottom stripe curving instead of going at diagonals. The number font, if accurate, looks to be a non-italicized version of the Flames - think DePaul.

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