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That is so unspeakablly ugly it should be criminal to wear em its unfair because just looking at them and the oppnant feels sick and goes blind and boom Oregon wins.

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I noticed looking at the photos that the names on the back are also in silver. Is their any point putting names on the back of yellow jerseys, with silver writing? It is to hard to see and is pretty much pointless in my opinion.

Having said that, I actually like the uniform. I havnt seen the other combos but i really think this one works well. And bein from Oz, seeing yellow and green together is huge bonus.

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Oregon's unis have grown on me a lot too. I actually like the yellow on yellow look. It's unique and it would be boring if every college football team used the same style. Everyone is complaining about Nike's shoulder stripes taking over college basketball. That is why I am happy Oregon is willing to be different. If only the uniforms didn't feature the "diamond plating", I would like them a whole lot more though. The diamond plating not only looks bad, but it isn't functional either.

Dennis Dixon has more school spirit than anyone I know.


I also wish the chrome colored names on the back of the jerseys were a bit more legible.


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just jealous of our offense...:P

I'll take Oklahoma State's 42 points scored in the 2nd half (including Adarius Bowman's 300 yards and 4 touchdowns receiving) wearing this:


Rather than score just 30 in a game (so far) wearing this:



haha who did OSU play, west cambodia tech? ucla is a quality football team.

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haha who did OSU play, west cambodia tech? ucla is a quality football team.

The University of Kansas; but regardless, I'll still take what the Cowboys wore instead of looking like brightly colored Mad Max villains like Oregon. B)


OT: HOW BOUT THEM BULLDOGS!!! You know, the ones who actually WON!!! GO STATE......GO STATE!!!

End OT

Another comment about the game, those Oregon unis were so bad, I didn't even get to oogle my favorite unis in college football: UCLA.

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even more pointless than the silver on yellow is the silver on white. however, that's a sort-of ghost no-name look that is kinda cool.

the only thing I don't like about the yellow replicas is that they're number 3, which is Cameron Colvin's jersey, and he's pretty much worthless. I like the yellow and green *much* better than green and black, that's for sure - black has no place on our home uniforms.

just to prove we've used garish yellow for a while...



last year's all-yellows were superb too. I wish I'd bought one of those jerseys, lord knows I had ample opportunity...


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