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Ok now I'm hardpressed to admit it but I'm starting to get used to these uniforms too. Here's the thing - take away the diamond plating and change back to the numbers from last year - and this set is freaking awesome. But then we have the diamond plating and the funky Belotti Bold font which sort of ruins it.

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ya, they made that change coming into the season and it looks a lot better.

let me just break the Oregon unis down here. I think we can get to the root of the hatred, and gordie just touched on it...

-the colors

-the diamond plating

-belotti bold

the colors aren't changing anytime soon, and really, I don't think they should. our colors are yellow and green - deal. with such a bright shade of yellow it's always going to be arresting.

belotti bold I've grown to like. no, seriously, I have. some numbers look odd when wrinkled up, but that happens with any jersey. at least belotti bold is a very forward-thinking number font, which I like better than traditional block fonts. Enough teams use those, we don't need to.

the diamond plating is what I have had a problem with and, while it's not totally invisible to my eye and I still don't like it, it's less of a problem. it does still look weird, but the effect is diminished on the yellow and white uniforms.

now, remove the diamond plating even and there really isn't anything to complain about - nothing goofy from a design standpoint besides the colors and the font, and both are much more subjective than the diamonds. the pants are fine, the design of the jersey is actually quite good - the shoulders look better-designed than last year's jerseys - but it's all marred by the stupid diamond plating.

and the existence of a black jersey. uggh. we should not have black as one of our colors, at all, not even as a pant option. black is for oregon state, not oregon.

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