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Moderator: I also posted in the request forum, but this one is to show them off more than request. But if you want to delete this one, it's at your discretions.

Anyways, my old school has a tournament in February (David Von Erich Invitational 20). I took it upon myself to try and design a logo. Here's what I got, I got more on paper, if you'd want to see them (By the way it's hard to get your thoughts off paper and into the computer!).


FEW THINGS: There are minor differences between some that I have send me a PM if you want to know. And since they're so big, I'll post the bases of the 2 different ones on separate posts.

I requested stuff in the request forum (Vecotrization/tweaking) but this post is more for comments on it....BUT...feel free to check them out on the request forum if you'd like to tweak!!! There are a couple things I couldn't do to them, from lack of knowledge how to.

What do you guys think?

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I think the first one is very cool... looks almost like some heavy metal band logo... I think it could use some colour as well as some identification apart from letters as to what it is (a bball tournament) and as to the school that's hosting it (apart from the letters... maybe an incorporation of the school's mascot or something).

the second one is a little too conservative clip-artish for my taste. Lacks the flair of the first logo, although the fact that you're using roman numerals to represent 20 is more obvious.

My vote goes for the first one, and I can't wait to see what you decide on doing.

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