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The ncaa football playoffs


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There was a little controversy when Oklahoma was still given the number 1 seed in the playoffs as USC who is ranked attop the AP and Coaches Polls settled for the 3rd seed. However, this year it all does not matter as teh champion will be decided on the field.

The first round matchups will see

1 Oklahoma (At Large) vs 16 North Texas (Sun Belt Champion)

Alamo Bowl, San Antonio, TX

2 LSU (SEC Champ) vs 15. Southern Miss (C-USA Champ)

Independence Bowl, Shreveport, LA

3. USC (Pac 10 Champ) vs 14. Utah (Mountian West Champ)

Holiday Bowl, San Diego, CA

4. Michigan (Big 10) vs 13. Georgia (At Large)

Motor City Bowl, Detroit, MI

5. Ohio State (At Large) vs 12. Boise State (WAS Champ)

Outback Bowl, Tampa, FL

6. Texas (At Large) vs. 11. Miami-Ohio (MAC Champ)

Capital One Bowl, Orlando, FL

7.  Florida State (ACC Champ) vs 10. Kansas State (Big XII Champ)

Sun Bowl, El Passo, TX

8. Tennessee (At Large) vs 9. Miami-Florida (Big East Champ)

Liberty Bowl, Memphi, TN

Keep your eyes peeled here as I formualte the results and start the playoffs we shoudl really have.

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Im a little behind but Ill have the entire first roudn done by next week when ill satart the second round.

However here it is the first 2 games in tanks simulated Championship.


16 North Texas    0      3     0   0    3

1  Oklahoma      28    35   21   7   91

Alamo Bowl, San Antonio TX

                   NT        OU

       Rushing -28        261

       Passing 127        338

       Total      99       599

San Antonio (AP)- Winning was not merely enough for Oklahoma, coming off their stunning loss to Kansas State the Sooners needed to win back their invincabillity. In the first ever NCAA playoff game at the Alamo Bowl they did that in more slaughtering North Texas the controversial entrant from the Sun Belt Confrence 91-3. Heading into the playoffs many debated weather the Sun Belt Champ shoudl even been given an automatic bid to begin with since their confrence is full of the push overs the top teams schedule early in the season. North Texas proved to be one of those pushovers in the playoffs as Oklahoma moves on to face the winner of the Miami-Tennssee Game at the Cotton Bowl.

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15 Southern Miss  3    14     0    0   17

2  LSU              10    14   27  14   65

Independence Bowl, Shreveport, LA

                   SM        LSU

       Rushing   35       132

       Passing 190        290

       Total    225        422

Shreveprot, LA (AP)- It was many happy returns for LSU in the Inpendence Bowl as the LSU Tigers turned a close game into a rout to advance to the second round in the first ever NCAA playoff. With the Southern Miss holding the game close at the halftime Skyler Green return the opening kick of the second half 102 yards as LSU exploded for 27 points in the 3rd quarter. Green was not finished returning kicks he also would return 2 punts for Touchdowns in the 4th talleying 422 yards which mached the total offense by the Tigers. LSU now moves on to the Peach Bowl where they will face the winner of the game between 7 Florida State and 10 Kanas State.

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14 Utah               7      7    7    0   21

3   USC              21    14    7    7   49

Holliday Bowl, San Diego, CA

                  Utah        USC

      Rushing    102        268

      Passing    222        351

      Total       324        619

San Diego (AP)-USC shock of the frustrations of not having the top seed and took out their frustrations on Utah in a domiant 49-21 in front of a home crowd in San Diego. USC began each half with explossive scores as Matt Leanart connected with Reggie Bush for a 82 yard TD pass on the first play from sqrimsh only to top himself in the 3rd Quarter when he hit Bush again with a 97 yard pass after nearly being sacked for a sfatey on the Trojans first offensive play in the second half. USC now moves on to the Fiesta Bowl where they will meet the winner of Texas vs Miami Ohio.

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13 Georgia           3    7    7    0   17

4   Michigan         3    7    7    7   24

Motor City Bowl, Detroit, MI

                   UGA       MICH

     Rushing    149        103

     Passing    171        244

     Total       320        347

Detroit (AP)-In the best matchup of the new NCAA Football Championship Gerogia battled a pro Michigan crowd at Ford Field and helf Michigan star RB Chris Perry in check all day as they answered every Michigan score with one of their own, as the game was tied at 17 with 2 minutes left. However, Perry fially found an opening with 1:30 left and ran for 61 yards turning a day in which he was held to 30 yards through the first 58 minutes into a victorious gallop down the left sideline to send Michigan into the second round with a 24-17 victory. Michigan now moves onto the Gator Bowl and a heavily anticipate rematch with Ohio State, provided the Buckeyes first beat Boise State.

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Sadly Im using the only football game I have access to NFL Fever 2000. If anyone has a better way I weclome to it, but Im using the NFL teams with the uniforms that match the closest, and adjusting the teams to fit what I feel the skill levels are, and I go from there. It may not be the best what I am using now but atleast its something.

I just bascially use it for the stats and aprrox score any way I make the game stories up adjusting the score slight either subtratcing a point here and there for more of what I think the game would be like, its fake any way, but its bascially how I think the game would go.

Its not much diffrent then the phony simulations ESPN Sportscenter has done in the past like the one they did before the NFL season with the Cardinals winning the Super Bowl. ON the same simulation they had Junior Seau pulling a Leon Lett in the Thanksgving Game.

So its not real and not anything to take seriously just something to give a feel what a playoff may be like with scores and game recaps.  

If anyone else wants to do a simulation using better methods go right ahead.

I just ask one thing you use the same 16-team format in which all 11 Confernce winners are invited, with 5 at-large teams, or 10 confernce winners (excluding the Sun Belt) and 6 at-large teams. Winning a confrence should mean something so we could have those Cinderella teams that make it fun.

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12 Boise State 3 3 7 3 16

5 Ohio State 7 0 3 3 13

Outback Bowl, Tampa, FL


Rushing 113 184

Passing 208 138

Total 320 322

Tampa (AP)-Defending Nation Champion Ohio State struggling but some how they were still holding a 3-point lead over Boise State late in the 4th Quarter. It was the same script the BUckeyes have followed for 2 seasons winning ugly. However the game suddenly turned with 2:06 left when Ohio State QB Criag Krenzle fumbled at the Buckeyes and gave the Broncs life. Boise State would take full advanatge as they drove down and tied the game with 20 seconds left on a 37-yard FG by Tyler Jones. The game appeared to be heading for overtime, the Buckeyes domain, but Krenzle would fumble the snap on the 40 as Ohio State prepared to kneel on the ball the ball kicked forawd and was recvered by Boise Stae, after getting the ball into the middle of the filed TYler Jones came out and hit a 48-yard FG that just had enough to make to over teh corss bar and give Boise State the first upset in the D-1A Football playoff. Boise State now moves on to face Michigan in the Gator Bowl.

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11 Miami, OH   7    0   21   13  41

6  Texas        14  10    0    0   24

Sun Bowl, El Passo, TX

                  MIA        TEX

    Rushing     85          48

    Passing    283        283

    Total       368        341

El Passo (AP)- Through much of the first half Texas was walking all over Miami Ohio as they grabbed a 24-14 lead at the half. The Longhorns appeared ready to put the game away as they drove deep into Red Hawks territory on the opening drive of the 2nd half when suddenly Clarence Mock was picked off in the endzone by Jimmy Adams who returned it 102 yards for a TD. It would be teh start of a sudden and quick downward spiaral as Texas RB Cedrick Benson fumbled on teh next play from scrimage setting up another Miami score. Things would get worse moments later when Mock is picked off again setting up Miami to take a 28-21 lead. The Longhorns woudl continue to turn the ball over in teh 4th as they had a stunning 6 Turnovers in the 2nd half as Mimia Ohio scored 34 unaswered points for a stunning win. Miami Ohio now moves on to face USC in the Fiesta Bowl.

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1    2   3   4    OT

10 KansasState      7    6   7   0  7 0 3  37

7  Florida State     0   13   6   8  7 0 6  40

Citrus Bowl, Orlando, FL

                  KSU       FSU

    Rushing    164        171

    Passing    284        337

    Total       398        508

Orlando (AP)-In perhaps the most thrilling game of the first round Kansas State and Florida State dueled through 3 overtime periods. The game went to overtime after Chris Rix dramtic bootleg tied the game with 1:40 left, helping the Seminoles make up for what could have been 2 costly missed extra points. After both temas traded TD runs in the first overtime the defenses made big plays in the 2nd with Chris Rix being picked off in the endzone, and Kansas State shooting themsleves in the foot with 2 costly holding penalities to take themselves out of field goal range. In the 3rd OT the Seminoles defense was strong again holding the Wildcats to a FG. Kansas State would contiunue to shut down FSU as teh Smeinoles could not get any where on teh first 3 snaps of teh 3rd OT. Instead of going for a FG Seminoles COach Bobby Bowden decidedto go for on 4th down setting up the most drmatic play so far, as Chris Rix foun P.K. Sam in the back of teh endzopne for  a dramatic win sending Florida State on to the Peach Bowl where they will face LSU.

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9 Miami        3    7    0    7   17

8 Tennesse   0    0    0    7    7

Liberty Bowl, Memphis

                  TEN       MIA

    Rushing      40      127

    Passing    132       137

    Total       172       264

Memphis (AP)-In a rematch of defensive battle on November 15th Miami and Tennessee hooked up in another defensive struggle. The key play would come near the end of the 2nd Quarter as Miami held a slim 3-0 lead with Tennesse driving into the redzone. On first and goal from the 9 Cedrick Houston was clocked by Jonathan Vilma fumbling the ball as he fell to the field limp. Vilma would be able to pick up teh ball and rumble 93 yards to give the Hurricanes a 10-0 lead at the half. Houton who struggled to get to his feet before slumping back down would be taken to hthe hospital with a mild concussion. Replays would show Vilma with a helmet to helmet hit that the referess missed much to the shagrin of the pro Volunteer crowd and coach Philip Fulmer, as the two teams wnet intoithe locker a fight wouyld break out between Vilma and an unindetified Vol player as police had to sepearte the teams. Unfortuntley ABC sideline announcer Jack Arute was thrown about in the end of half melee and suffered a borken collar bone as he was stepped on several times.

The second half would be fulled with penalties as the bad blood seemes to grow. The Hurricanes would pad their lead to 17-0 late in the 4th Quarter which led to more fisticuffs as Kellen Winslow spiked the ball at Tennesse mascot Smokey, leading the Volunteers to rush to their loyal bloddhounds defense. After pennalities forced teh Canes to kick from the 20 Tennesse was able to get on the board, but it would be too late as the Hurricnaes recovered the onside kick, which of course led to more battles and more penalties in tll both temas would rack up over 200 yards in penalties.

Upon the finish of teh game officals ket both temas sepearted but taht would not prevent Tennesse Coach Philp Fullmer from having a shouting match with Miami Coach Larry Cocker. Following the game Fullmer blasted the officals from the ACC, while Larry Cocker seemed applogetic for his teams actions, weather or not the NCAA supends players from the Hurricanes before their next game in the Cotton Bowl against #1 Oklahoma remains to be seen, but Vols coach Fulmer pleaded for some action.

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Thats it for the first round

The second round will see

#9 Miami vs #1 Oklahoma

Cotton Bowl, Dallas

#7 Florida State vs # 2 LSU

Peach Bowl, Atlanta

#11 Miami, OH vs #3 USC

Fiesta Bowl, Tempe, AZ

#12 Boise State vs # 4 Michigan

Gator Bowl, Jacksonville, FL

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I thought FSU was the 6th seed? No matter, this is kinda fun to follow.

That was a msitake by me earlier I basically used the BCS for teh rankings.

On the paper I have I had FSU as 7 and Texas 6 so ill stick with that and I fixed it at the top. Besides I dont think two teams from same confrence shoudl meet in teh first round if we coudl help it.

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Round 2 Has begun

9 Miami        0     0    0    0    0

1 Oklahoma   2   10    5    7   24

Cotton Bowl, Dallas

                 MIA        OU

   Rushing       3        86

   Passing      88      236

   Total         91      324

Dallas (AP) Oklahoma showed once again why they are number 1 by dominanting Miami like has done in recent years. The Hurricanes were able to cross midfield just once while getting just 5 first downs all day as they were held to a pawltry 91 yards total offense. The Sooners put up a wall around Miami QB Brock Berlin all day as he completed just 12 of 42 passes, while being sacked 11 times including twoice for safties as the Sooners moved on the the semifinals with a 24-0 win in the Cotton Bowl. Next up for Oklahoma a trip to the Orange Bowl on Christmas Day against the winner of the Michigan-Boise State Game.

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7 Florida State   0     7    0    7   14

2 LSU               7     3    3    6   19

Peach Bowl, Atlanta

                FSU      LSU

  Rushing      61        78

  Passing     169      278

  Total        230      356

Atlanta (AP) LSU had Florida State pinned down all game as they led 13-7 late in the 4th quarter. However after a drmatic 85-yard punt return by Caraphonso Thorpe the Tiger all of  a suddne found themsleves trailing with a little over 2 minutes left. However Matt Mauk would stage perfect drive up the field completing all 11 passes as he drove the Byuo Bengal 72 yards by the Seminoles to give the Tigers back the lead with 45 seconds left. After failing ona 2-point conversion attempt the Tigers intercepted a desperation pass from Chris Rix on the final play to seal the victory and send LSU to the semifinals where they will meet the winner of USC-Miami of Ohio on Chirstmas Day in the Rose Bowl.

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