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500th Post AND World Champ Celebration Thread


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I know there is already a Cardinals World Champions Thread, but this is my 500th post, and as one of the biggest Cardinals fans here, I just wanted to make it special by associating it with this momentous occasion, which I witnessed first hand, at Busch Stadium, as an employee of the Stadium, a Retail Supervisor.

Let us bask it it's glory:


The St. Louis Cardinals ARE the Champions of the Baseball World!

(once I have time, and the resources, my sig WILL reflect this and past Championships. Thank you) ^_^

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Only since Edmonds left the Angels I've been a Cards fan, but I'm so happy to see them win the Series.


Woah!!! I didnt know Edmonds hat a Darryl Kyle tat on his hand. Now thats pretty damn sweet. Stoked to FINALLY see a team I like win the World Series. I as startin to think thatd never happen.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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