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NFL Week 9 Preview


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Tank, you almost fooled me with this one..

49ers 24 Vikings 20

Last week the 49ers were humiliated in Chicago as they trailed by 24 points before they even got warmed up. While, the Vikings were not ready for football on Monday Night, losing to the Patriots by 24. The Vikings should be expected to bounce back while the 49ers lose again, nope I smell upset just call it a gut feeling part deux.

But then I realized you were kidding..right?

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Cowboys 27 Redskins 10

Two weeks ago Drew Bledsoe was benched by the Cowboys likely seeing the field, or in his case eating the turf for the final time, as Tony Romo looks like the right man to lead the Cowboys. Now its Redskins QB Mark Brunnel's turn to say good bye, as he will surely be heading for the bench, after another poor performance, against the Cowboys.

Lions 24 Falcons 20

Flacons QB Michael Vick has looked great two weeks in a row, as the Falcons have feasted on two AFC North powerhouses. Now against the lowly Lions it will be hard to imagine him not having another great game. That's precisely why he will struggle, Vick's entire career has been filled with clunkers when you least expect it, just call it a gut feeling.

I really hope this is the case. I am keeping my eyes on these two games. Maybe even the Vike/49er game. if the lions and the boys bomb out and cost me a win, there getting a visit by an angry mob. The same one that runs out the weatherman in Dimmsdale on a daily basis.

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Look for another apology from Texans QB David Carr who spends more time on his back then on his feet as the Giants stay red hot and win their fourth straight. Look for the Giants to have the game locked up early as they look forward to a primetime match up next week against the Bears

If the Giants win it'd be their fifth straight.

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These are my picks for the week...

Atlanta at Detroit

Cincinnati at Baltimore

Dallas at Washington

Green Bay at Buffalo

Houston at N.Y. Giants

Kansas City at St. Louis

Miami at Chicago

New Orleans at Tampa Bay

Tennessee at Jacksonville

Minnesota at San Francisco

Cleveland at San Diego

Denver at Pittsburgh

Indianapolis at New England

Oakland at Seattle

A few shockers you see there, Miami over Chicago, Washington over Dallas, San Fran over Minnesota, and yes, Oakland over Seattle.

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The Falcons piss me off to no end sometimes. We go out, and play fantastically against good teams, then we come out today and get freakin walloped by the Lions. Tank was absolutely right, and, in a way, so was I. I am so tired of the Falcons and their :censored: annual "Lose to one of the worst teams in the NFL" :censored:. This is some damn nonsense. Like seriously, WTF?! We go out there, after everything seems to be in sync (except for the defense), and this week, the offense is just horrible, the gameplan is horrendously bad, and then, on top of that, Ed Donatell and that stupid ass soft zone gets us burnt by JOHN :censored: KITNA. WHAT IN THE HELL?! I mean, I give them all the credit in the world, but when you have NOBODY on Roy Williams, then what in the hell does that tell you about the game plan??? Exactly, it was complete and utter garbage. OMG this has pissed me off. The Falcons need to bounce back, or we will suffer from the same fate that hit us last year: we're gonna go 3-5 and finish 8-8 again. UGGGGHHHHH please don't let that happen Falcons. But you need to fix the offensive line so that Vick doesn't have to run all over the damn place, Vick needs to get velcro on his hands so that he won't be playing basketball with the football by bouncing it all over the place, and speaking of hands, the recievers for us ALL need to get some in a hurry, and Ed Donatell and his soft ass defensive scheme that gave up 4th AND 26 A COUPLE OF YEARS AGO needs to go. His defensive scheme has been horrible for the past month, and it his time for him to go. Damn I wish Arthur Blank still had his email address up, I would be blowing it up!!! Because this was embarrassing. Thank God the Bears got waxed by the Dolphins, or else the media would have a field day with this, but not because of the team, at Vick's expense. Vick will get the brunt of the criticism for a game in which it wasn't his fault. Tell his recievers to stop dropping 20 passes a game, and tell his defensive comarades to guard the best receiever in the league once in a while, and Jim Mora, all loyalty aside, needs to give the axe to Ed Donatell. This game was ridiculous, it was horrible, it was laughable, and it was a travshamockery.

Sorry for the vent. I had to go somehwere since the Falcons board is busy.

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Let the double speak and double standards begin. Tom Brady threw FOUR...1, 2, 3, FOUR picks against the Colts. I guaran-damn-tee that if Peyton Manning threw 4 picks there would have been clamoring from the 4 corners of the Earth than Manning is a choker that can't win a big game and that Belichick pwn3d Manning yet again.

Of course, since the Colts actually won the game, you'll hear how this game was completely meaningless and the Patriots always beat the Colts "when it counts" or "let's see Indy win in January" whereas if New England won, it would have been the Patriots still pwn the Colts and are the kings of the NFL (since there would have been three 7-1 teams), especially since the game was in Foxboro.

I really don't have a dog in the fight. I'm a 'Skins fan who realizes that they got that game giftwrapped and hand delivered to them by the horrible officiating. I love what both Manning and Brady bring to the table. I think Brady is still the most underrated player in the game, four picks be damned, and that Manning may truly break every major passing record before he's done, but damn I really hope he gets his ring so all these haters and knuckleheads let him live without all this talk of legacy and whispers of Dan Marino.

Anyway, I just wanted to try to cut this stuff off at the pass. I hate the double standards and people talking out of both sides of their mouths. Indy deserved the win, and are now two games clear of the rest of the AFC in the race for home field advantage. This was a big game because of how it would have been perceived had it gone the other way. I just wish Brady would have played this poorly last week. I would be in first place in my damn fantasy league!

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Heres the Week 9 hopefully it will be better then Week 8

Stop hating on the Ravens and maybe it will be. :P

Yes, I'm quoting myself (for the second time in the last several days).

Anyway, as I was saying . . .

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