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It's the halfway point of the NFL season, so...


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Let's play an interesting little game here. See who looks smart, and who "don't necessarily look so smart."

Remember that lil "preseason prediction" survey I stuck in this forum before the NFL season? Well...it's now going into week NINE of the season (WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO SHORT???), so let's see what's up with everyone's Super Bowl picks.

If you post, however, know that you may have also posted in the "Preseason Predictions Survey" thread somewhere inside this forum, so be truthful about what you post now or someone MIGHT call you out...

At the beginning of the season my picks were the Dallas Cowboys and the Cincinnati Bengals for SB41. Well...as much as I want to stick to those, I just can't do it no more...

...Well, actually I think Cincy might can still make it--IF they do something about that D. The "O" can still get them there. But um uh...the way Chicago is playing (added to the fact they got I think the second-easiest remaining schedule in the league), I think the Bears gon' go all the way. In the AFC, if I HAD to make a definite pick RIGHT NOW, as much as it pains me to say this, I think the winner of Indy/NE is going to represent the AFC.

But that's just me...how bout y'all out there? What are YOUR mid-season SB41 picks? (Who did you pick originally? Who are you picking NOW? Who was your "sleeper" team? Who'd you pick as biggest disappointment? Have any of those picks changed?)


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NFC: I hope the Falcons can make it but... The Bears will represent the NFC, going 15-1 and doing a number on the NFC a' la that magical 1985 Season.

AFC: The Colts, once again, will be the talk of the AFC, going 14-2. The Colts, once again, will underachieve amazingly in the playoffs, getting beaten by the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship.

Super Bowl: All the talk surrounding the Super Bowl will be that the Bears are channeling the ghosts of 1985, and of course ESPN buys into it by bringing Mike Ditka into the spotlight, and bringing anybody they can from the 1985 Bears team to come on Sportscenter, Countdown, and other junk like that. Same thing with FOX. All of this to realize that these are the Baltimore Ravens and now that they actually have an offense to go with that ridiculously good defense, and that these are the true NFL Super Bowl Champions and Steve McNair wins his first ring, and rides out into the sun in victory, the exact opposite of last year.

How likely is this to happen? I don't know.

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Playoff picks at midseason

NFC West: St. Louis Rams (Seattle's season goes into an irrecoverable tailspin when John Madden tags Alexander with the "Madden Cruiser" outside of a Seattle hospital)

NFC South: Atlanta Falcons* (and the Michael Vick hype machine is on!)

NFC North: Chicago Bears* (no brainer)

NFC East: New York Giants (Giants overcome their early-season problems in convincing fashion)

NFC Wild Cards: New Orleans Saints (Can't you just hear the "America's Team" stuff now?)

Dallas Cowboys (Ro-mo! Ro-mo!)

AFC West: Denver Broncos (First team to ever win a division without using its Quarterback)

AFC South: Indianapolis Colts* (no brainer)

AFC North: Baltimore Ravens (guess defense does win championships)

AFC East: New England Patriots* (no brainer)

AFC Wild Cards: San Diego Chargers (Tomlinson's a beast)

Cincinnati Bengals (assuming they aren't all in jail at this point)

NFC Playoffs

Wild Card: St. Louis Rams over Dallas Cowboys

New Orleans Saints over New York Giants

Division: Chicago Bears over St. Louis Rams

New Orleans Saints over Atlanta Falcons

Championship: Chicago Bears over New Orleans Saints

AFC Playoffs

Wild Card: Baltimore Ravens over San Diego Chargers

Denver Broncos over Cincinnati Bengals

Division: Indianapolis Colts over Baltimore Ravens

Denver Broncos over New England Patriots

Championship: Indianapolis Colts over Denver Broncos

Super Bowl XLI: Chicago Bears 38 Indianapolis Colts 27

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AFC West: Denver Broncos (First team to ever win a division without using its Quarterback)

Bears did it last year, although in a much much weaker division.

Yeah, I guess I should amend that to add the word "credible" :P

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Seahawks over the Patriots 31-28

haha i made that exact prediction, same teams, same score, last year.

aint gonna happen this year though

as much as i wish it would

well they will proboly still win there divsion and if alexander can get going in the playoffs i think they are the best team in the nfc.

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I'd be stoked if the Saints reached the Super Bowl, though it would be tempered by having to keep a lookout for the 4 Horsemen of the Apocolypse... :D

I'm going with the Colts-Patriots winner this Sunday to win the AFC and what the hell, the Saints in the NFC. Saints break our hearts by losing a close one in the Super Bowl.

For those of you suddenly on the Falcon bandwagon, there are many adjectives to describe Mr. Vick and sadly, INCONSISTENT is one of them. Let's see him maintain the level he's played at the last two weeks for the rest of the season AND not get hurt, then you can talk Super Bowl.

FlameofAtlanta, November 26 in the Georgia Dome, it is ON. That'll be a great game.

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nice to notice all the "Cowboys go to the Super Bowl" predictions have disappeared. Stupid BP and his old and washed up FOBS and useless draft picks. :cry::cursing:

my pick Bears v. Patriots. Pats win on an Adam Vinatieri field goal...err my bad, he's gone, well whomever their kicker is right now.

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