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Topsy-turvy day!


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Talk about experiencing highs-and-lows back and forth.  This all happened from when I woke up, at 11:45am, until 2:30pm.

:angry: I Wake up and I instantly know, I have the flu

:laugh: As I get upstairs I notice a letter from the Blue Jays waiting for me... I've been invited back to work for them in 2004

:angry: I have a meeting 10 minutes later with the grocery store I work at, they announce that they're closing on Jan 22

:laugh: I get home and check my e-mail, there's a letter from the mapleleafs.com/raptors.com and they are interested in having me as an intern with their site starting in May

Highs and Lows!  The highs certainly outweight the lows, but wow!

And I actually just found out that the grocery store will pay me $1750 as a severance package!

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$1750 is better than nothing, eventhough it's Canadian money  :D

Good luck with the web site stuff, you'll do an awesome job. What's that i hear, the theme to the Jeffersons......."Movin' on up!"

You got it   :cool:   And I just took a healthy dose of Day-Quill

"I'm the king of the world"  :;):

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:angry: im sorry to hear that, i hate the flu

:D Horray! working for a major sports team is great!

:angry: who likes grocery store jobs anyway?

:D Chris Creamer becomes a world-reknown intern! life could'nt be better!

on a more serious note, good luck with the leafs/raptors sites im sure you'll be the man they were looking for

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:angry: for OSAP declaring me overpaid and wanting $800 dollars back!

:angry: for the workload that drives me insane before the holidays!

:angry: for stupid corespondece people jerkingme around!

:D for having a friend jump in my arms, gimme a hug, makes me forget all the crap in North Bay and make me glad to be back home withmy friends

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