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Future NHL team Concepts


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There really isn't much I like about them. They seem really jumbled, like striping that doesn't match and dark socks on light uniforms.

Agreed. They are not that good esthetically(?). The socks don't match the jerseys, and the stripes on the hem don't match the stripes on the sleeves. You've used the exact same stripes for both teams. Try something different for at least one of them.

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I knew the python is one of the most popularist snakes in Albuequerque. So tell me what you think.


Yes I know i took the Memphis Grizzlies logo, but u gotta admit it looks pretty seet. Tell me what you think.

Actually, pythons are indigenous to the continents in the eastern hemisphere. In addition, pythons don't have fangs. Your logo is representative of a pit viper, of which the rattlesnake is member. And there are a wide variety of rattlesnake species in New Mexico. Just change the name to "Vipers" or "Rattlers" and you'll

better represent Albuquerque.

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couple of things if this is future NHL concepts a couple of things:

1. The new teams are not comming in to the league with identicle templates.

2. Albuquerque Admirals makes no sense why would a team be called the admirals when the state is land locked? which leads to the next point.

3. We already have the Norfolk and Milwaukee Admirals in the AHL, I seriously doubt a new NHL team is going to use already an AHL team name.

4. your last concept will get Albuquerque sued by the Milwaukee Ads, Memphis Grizzlies and the Minnesota Wild for the use of their logos.

if this is for like a Fantasy Hockey League then i could this working, hell i have a football team in the DHL in the middle of nowhere where Aliens tend to visit.

if you are doing a Albuquerque hockey team, then you might want to go with something that better reflects new mexico. Maybe the Albuquerque Spirit or something like that. Definately want to use a design that reflects NM.

with Knoxville you might want to do something along the lines of Knoxville Gold or something that reflects Knoxville, Tennessee. Memphis already has the Grizzlies but its in basketball though.

my biggest issue with your concepts is that you are recycling the same template for every team.

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first off, these are all just a recolored version of st. patty's hockey template, with no thought being put into them and no reasoning for making the decisions you did. recoloring the grizzlies logo and using it is not "pretty seet" by any means, it is half-arsed, and lame. if you really want to make some good concepts, put thought into the team name choice, the team colors, the logo, and finally the jersey design. slapping a recolored logo on a recolored template somebody else created is not a concept.

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