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Jersey Wallpaper


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Okay ... so despite the fact I have a fair bit of work to do today, I spent the last hour and a half or so trying to organize these things so people can easily find them (and not request ones that have already been done).

A few things first:

? The links are to posts in this thread, and are to the first post containing links to wallpapers for that team. If you want something else for that team, keep scrolling down; chances are you'll find it.

? The links are only to the wallpapers p.stic has done. I didn't link to anyone else's.

? If there's no link, there's no wallpaper. Don't ask.

Okay? So get to clickin': http://www.geocities.com/glenncook2002

Thanks...very helpful. I was about to request a Red Wings one...I never saw it before.

I will, however, request a Detroit Lions whenever you can get to it. No rush at all. An old "CA" Angels might be nice, if you have some extra time.

Keep it up, these look great!

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These look great. I can't open the template, it keeps saying There is not enough memory, or I would try my own. You have a lot of requests, so I will just wait for the michigan one whitedawg requested. I am looking forward to seeing more of these.

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creativelysain the UNC one is awesome. Can I use it for my background?

Im pretty sure that's what they're there for...

Correct! Go right ahead.

Just wanted to be sure that creativelysain was in the same boat as p.stic.


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