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History of a mascot

Broken Record

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I was doing some google image searches today on the Arkansas Razorbacks and came across this really interesting site. This was written by Hank Hancock and includes the history of the nickname and pictures of the evolution of the Arkansas mascot. Definitely worth a thumb through for you logo history buffs.

A History of Arkansas Razorbacks

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Wow. Great booklet!

He gets full marks for things like this:


Demonstrating that he knows more about design than many professionals working today (whoever designed the Buffaslug, for example).

Agreed wholeheartedly.

That was a very interesting read. For some reason, I've always liked how "Arkansas Razorbacks" sounded. It's really unique. Plus they use a HOG!

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Hugo Bezdek, the coach at Arkansas who was credited with the nickname claiming the boys played like a bunch of wild hogs, was an amazing man.

Look at Bezdek's Resume/Bio:

Born- 1884 Prague, Bohemia (Czech.), Died 1952 Atlantic City, NJ

Played FB at U. of Chicago under Amos Alonzo Stagg, 3rd Team All-America at FB

College Football Head Coach: Oregon, Arkansas, Penn State, Deleware Valley

College Basketball HeadCoach: Oregon, Penn State

College Baseball Head Coach: Oregon, Arkansas, Penn State

Major League Baseball Manager: Pittsburgh (NL)

National Football League Head Coach: Cleveland

College Football Hall of Fame: 1952

-Credited with giving U. of Arkansas their Razorback nickname

-First and long time athletic director at Penn State, developed the modern athletic department at Penn State, "father" of Penn State athletics

-The only man ever to serve as a major league manager and a head coach in the NFL

I came accross this guy while do some research last year, truly an amazing man.

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There is something really cool to me about this standing hog he started out with. It's not exactly action-packed, but it is kind of elegant--for a pig.


This one reminds me of the old Bills logo...I like it, but what they have now is perfectly fine.

Upon reading the topic, I thought it was gonna be about how to make the costume for the team mascot. I was kinda disappointed, to be honest.

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