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Getting Logos Trademarked


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Have any of you other designers had any logos trademarked? I am starting to get back into drawing again and I want to pattern some of my work. I will post some of it on here when I am finished. My questions are these:

1. Who do you talk to about getting a trademakr?

2. Whats the cost(roughly)

3. How much work do you need to present to prove the logo you have is yours?

I do a lot of my work by pencil and I do a lot of erasing. I have finished a mountaineer logo(profile) and I am going to start working on a head shot with the head at 3/4 of a turn so you see most of the face. I SUCK at people drawings, however this has come out much better than I originally thought it would.

Please let me know something.

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Search trademarking logos and you'll find probably more info than you wanted. I know I've looked it up a few times. I think it's like $30 for each application, I think. You can send in a cd with all your logos on it and pay the one time fee. Also remember that the law states that as soon as you finish a drawing it's protected. To trademark it is just added protection. I'd go ahead and google it.

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While there's a lot to be said about trademarks, the best and most accurate place to get info is the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

It sounds like what you're looking for is a copyright. If you were using your drawing in connection with goods or services, then you'd need the trade/service mark. Without the "use," your drawing is in copyright land. Try the United States Copyright Office.

Bottom line is this: whether trademark or copyright, you're better off registering, so look on these sites to figure out what registration for either entails and then get it done. Copyrights and trademarks are relatively simple to register yourself.

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