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Troy field layout concept.


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I just wanted to try this idea out and see how it looks. I know that I may be off in terms of how wide the stripes are on the sideline and other dimensions, but I'm sure that you guys get what I am hinting towards. I got the idea for the solid black back endzone from Cincinnati, and the double-striped sideline from North Texas. I wanted to try to get it looks like the black of the sword. Also, just in case you wondering what I used to get the texturing, I just played around with Photoshop. I will probably use a different font for the field numbers later on, but I'm not sure. But, I did make two options for the endzone. I hope you guys enjoy these. Thanks.



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I like this. The black behind the endzone is a great touch and helps balance things out. I'd pick the top design over the bottom. My only suggestion would be to put the letters in the endzone a little closer.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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