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You IDIOTS! What have you done?!

Saint Zephyr III

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In what could be a rather tragic moment for a once-great franchise, the two babbling buffoons running the team into the ground have finally done the unthinkable. According to ESPN, John York has told the mayor of San Francisco that they are ending further discussions on a new stadium and plan to move either to Santa Clara, the headquarters of the franchise, or somewhere else in California.

Despite efforts to build a new stadium, including a failed proposal to include the new stadium with a possible 2016 Olympics bid, the city's stern stance to not provide any direct finances for the stadium ultimately doomed the progress. Candlestick Park, while one of the most famous stadiums, is also one of the most rundown, and has been needed to be renewed for some time.

Yet now any option is mute for now...and with Los Angeles, Anaheim, and a new commissioner that wants to finally bring a team into the mentioned cities, we could very well see the end of an era-no, a legacy.

The 49ers have finally died...

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There is also the option of Santa Clara. It's so sad that the NFL hasn't tried to push out an idiot who doesn't know a right guard from Right Guard. And his son's graduation gift is to run the team... NFL franchises are NOT toys.

:censored: you York. :censored: you

To quote former SF mayor Willie Brown. Johnny boy, "you're an embarassment to human kind."

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Like the other thread, why can't they keep playing out of the current stadium instead of leaving fans out for dead. Okay so its a little old and rundown, but surely they can give it a makeover.

Is it just me or do owners of US sports teams have to have a new stadium or move?

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The team will hold a 10:30 am PT news conference about land in Santa Clara. Which ironically, is close to Fremont, where Cisco Field will be for the A's. The site where the 49ers would build their stadium is the same one the A's and Earthquakes wanted for their stadiums. However, the city demanded that Santa Clara be in the name of the franchise, and both teams said no. The team has said in a statement on their website that the team would still be the San Francisco 49ers. However, its not the same for Northern California's first major professional sports franchise.

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is mayor Gavin Newsome and the Board of Supervisors really this inept? :therock:

The short answer is YES.

The initial bond measure for a new stadium at Candlestick Point passed in 1996 10 years ago. That they haven't been able to get anything done in 10 years is laughable. Truly laughable. It seems that the great Bay Area franchise shuffle has begun.

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is mayor Gavin Newsome and the Board of Supervisors really this inept? :therock:

You have to realize too... San Francisco isn't just a city but a county as well. So it can't rely on additional funds outside San Francisco like the Oakland Coliseum officials do in Alameda County.

If Santa Clara rejects the deal, then its likely to Los Angeles.

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I believe a moment of silence is in order...

Ok, the Yorks are now officially entering Wirtz territory. You should not be allowed to treat a NFL franchise, especially one with the 49ers history, this way.

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49ers plan to move elsewhere in California

Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - The San Francisco 49ers ended negotiations with the city about building a new stadium Wednesday and have turned their focus to the Bay Area suburb of Santa Clara.

Owner John York notified Mayor Gavin Newsom of the team's decision earlier Wednesday, the mayor's spokesman, Peter Ragone, told The Associated Press

Team spokesman Aaron Salkin declined to comment but the 49ers issued a news release late Wednesday night announcing the decision.

According to the release, the team decided after studying the area around Candlestick Park for the past year that the site needed too many infrastructure and public transit improvements, as well as one of the largest parking garages in the world.

The team said the cost of the infrastructure improvements could have exceeded the cost of the proposed stadium, which was estimated to cost between $600 million and $800 million.

Also, the team said it was unlikely it could achieve its goal of opening the new stadium in time for the 2012 season.

Now the team is seeking to build a new stadium in Santa Clara, near the Great America amusement park and the Santa Clara Convention Center. Santa Clara is located in San Francisco's South Bay area near San Jose.

"We're excited to work with Santa Clara officials to discuss this project," owner John York said in a statement. "Based on our initial analysis, Santa Clara has strong potential to deliver the game day experience our fans deserve."

York said the team would not change its name under any circumstances.

"Nothing will persuade us to change the name of the San Francisco 49ers, one of the most storied brands in the world of sports," he said.

The 49ers headquarters and training facility are currently based in Santa Clara, located about 30 miles south of San Francisco.

"We have been looking to expand our entertainment options in the Great America-Convention Center area for years, and this stadium can be a great addition," Santa Clara Mayor Patricia Mahan said in a statement issued by the team. "The 49ers have been clear that their goal is to put together a project that has no impact on the City's general fund and no increase in taxes, and we are ready to give this project our full attention."

The 49ers and San Francisco officials had been talking over the last few months about building a privately financed stadium at Candlestick Point that was going to be part of the city's bid for the 2016 summer Olympics.

Ragone did not know how the 49ers' decision would impact the Olympic bid. San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago are the three cities competing to be the U.S. Olympic Committee's choice to bid on the 2016 games.

The team's current lease at Candlestick runs through the 2008 season and the team holds three five-year options that could extend it through 2023.

The current stadium at Candlestick is one of the most run-down in the league, leading to the team's desire to seek a new stadium with revenue-generating suites and luxury boxes. The plan to build a stadium also included public housing, retail and office space.

The city was not going to contribute any money to the stadium but was willing to possibly help with some of the infrastructure costs.

York assured San Francisco officials that he was only negotiating with the city, but Ragone said the team had talked in recent weeks to Santa Clara officials about the move.

The 49ers said if they are unable to move forward with the project in Santa Clara, they would only look at other cities in the region.

"The 49ers have called the Bay Area home for our entire 60 year history," York said. "We are a part of the fabric of this region, and we intend to stay right here where we belong."

Whoops- my bad. That's what I get for posting after being up all night.


This should be merged with the other thread.

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Aside from it not being "San Francisco", what's wrong with Santa Clara? Isn't that where the team already has its offices and training facilities? It's not like it's a random city somewhere else in the state.

If the Detroit Lions can play in Pontiac, and the Dallas Cowboys can play in Irving, why can't the San Francisco 49ers play in Santa Clara?

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The article said that "The city was not going to contribute any money to the stadium but was willing to possibly help with some of the infrastructure costs." Good. That's all the city should be doing unless there is a referrendum by which the citizens can vote on funding. These owners should be paying for these stadiums themselves. If they can afford the team, they should afford the stadium. If the team leaves, good riddance. San Francisco doesn't need the 49ers as much as the 49ers need the city.

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