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Sharplcd's sigs


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this is my first attempt at making a sig, as well as my first concept ever in paint.net so dont be too harsh, but i think i actully did pretty well


i'm happy to take request just state

-which sport

-which team (any certain players)

-what u want it to say

-and weather u want it to be in a positive or negative way (as u can see this cowboys sig isnt really a jolly celebration mood but more of a controversy type of picture)

also even if u dont want one leave c&c cuz i want to know how i can improve this.

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Here u go LEWJ. not sure if u'll like it or not but i tried.


As far as the other sigs and this one, i was going for a creative art sig. something that doesnt look so realistic, or maybe where one aspect of the picture looks like a video game where the ther looks real.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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