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Chukky Okobi (C, Steelers) selling authentic jerseys


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The following was posted in a MySpace bulletin tonight from Pittsburgh Steelers' center Chukky Okobi:

A lot of people have been inquiring about jerseys and buying them thru this site. I am selling them, authentic, no replicas, for 175+ 10 for shipping. I am trying to set up PayPal on my page, should be up in the next week or 2 so that people can pay with their credit cards online. In the meantime, if you want a jersey, send a check or money order to:

Chukky Okobi, Owner

Autobathouse Carwash

145 Wyngate Dr.

Monroeville, PA 15146

Expect about 2 weeks delivery time because they will be tailor made. To speed up the delivery time, you can give the specifics of your order (color and size. example: black size 46) in an email here on MySpace so we can get it ordered.

Just so everyone is aware:

175 is the absolute cost. I AM MAKING NO MONEY FROM THIS AT ALL. I just want to give all of you guys that have been supporting me on and off the field an opportunity to support your favorite team, but be a little different than the average fan sporting #7 or #86 (don't try to start a controversy, cuz I love these guys...I'm just saying). For those of you that have inquired, please send an email again, I did a little cleaning up in my mail box and accidently erased some of them.

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