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Buffaslug Revision


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I posted this in the Logo Forum, but felt it maybe should have been here. If you've seen it already I apologize, just looking for other feedback. I understand all the comments about just starting over, and I plan to. Trust me I don't like the Slug as it stands now, just my stab at trying to design it better.

Here's my crack at trying to salvage what I think were good intentions by the Sabres and Reebok

to create an "iconic" logo. My first problem has always been the yellow, it should never have been yellow in the first place, and that's what look like a "slug". Second is the ambiguous design of the facial features that make it look like a racoon wearing a viking helmet. (see also the Portland State Vikings logo). I am not in the camp of believing there needs to be a Sabre in the logo, I feel the secondary marks work very well for that. If there was to be Sabres, then let's just go back to a true update of the original logo, like what the Seahawks did.

I like the overall shape and feeling of motion, so I tried to keep that and simplify some of the accent

jagged areas to make them more purposeful, since they are very random on the Slug. I also defined the facial features, incorporsting a more prominent red eyeball. I also toned down the use of yellow, to just being the outline. It's more illustrative than I had planned, but I feel it's big improvement and a step in the right direction. As always, thanks in advance for feeback.

p.s.: I am showing it on a dark gray so it will stand off better, it's purely for visual enhancement and not a "team color"


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I've actually been growing to like the Buffaslug logo. I don't know why, but I do. Maybe someday, everyone will look back and love the Buffaslug, like everyone does now with the Islanders Fisherman logo.

As for your logo, I like it. I think it makes the logo look a little more realistic. It reminds of a like a hybrid of their current logo and one of js*'s concepts. I also like the jagged line at the bottom of the Buffalo. Looks like a lightning bolt or something and makes it look faster.

Good work overall. I would really like to see what these would look like on jerseys.

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i think this logo would be exponentially better, if it didn't have a lightning bolt design to it... look at the bills buffalo. it's got fur bunches/parts... but it doesn't have a chargers logo shape to it.

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