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Oakland A's


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This is more of a list than a concept:

You guys come up with anything better than Silicon Valley A's or Fremont A's?

My suggestions:

East Bay A's

Alemeda A's

South Bay A's (not sure this one works)

The Bay Area A's

San Jose A's (only 18 miles)

Oakland A's (only 27 miles)

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What about the Oakland Athletics of San Jose?

Oakland Athletics of Fremont! B)

I really like The Califorina A's of the Bay Area

The next time this is funny will be the first.

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They'll either be the San Jose Athletics or just remain the Oakland Athletics.

I like that one.

So what do you think, change this logo (minus the halo) to forrest green and gold


or put the Athletics' "A" over the state of California for a fresh new look?


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Just as long as there's none of this "Silicon Valley A's"... that sounds so single A league to me.

Oakland would be best, but I can live with Fremont. At least Fremont, unlike "Silicon Valley," is an actual place that you can point to on a map.

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San José is ideal. It taps into the third largest city in CA, with its booming technology-based industry, while distancing itself from the preconception of Oakland as well as any ties to the Raiders. Plus, I don't see why Oakland should still be used as the city when the city is what created Mount Davis and failed to pony up anything to keep the team in town.

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San Jose is supposed to belong to the Giants, though. Magowan will have a fit. At least with the Angels fiasco, they had the same territorial rights as the Dodgers since they were meant to be the American League's Los Angeles representative. For some reason, the Giants and A's don't have the same Bay Area territory.

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I say just leave it Oakland. Thats always what it was, right? It would be like renaming the rangers the Brooklyn Rangers. And beside the San Jose Sharks first or second arena (Cow Palace) is in San Francisco and they didn't become the San Francisco Sharks!!

Cat Eyes - Josh B)

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