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Honestly, who is this shirt for?

Do the D-backs have any real rivals? The Yankees, maybe?

Or is this just for Astros fans who know where the new look came from?


I say it's for anyone who thinks it's funny. Could be D'backs fans who don't like the new look, D'back haters who want to pick on the team, or the softball/beer crowd who are just looking for something funny. Either way...I hope people buy them!!!

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Well for Diamondbacks supporters it could be dirtbags.

For Diamondbacks haters it could be Douche-Bags

For stoners though, you'd have go change the brick to green and the black outline with red then place a large leaf behind the script. Change the collar and sleeve trims to green to match the text.

Something like this:


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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