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How You Became A Fan


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Well, here goes:

Angels: I had a favorite baseball card, this one:


I was like 4, so I don't know why it was my favorite card, but it was. A few years later, I saw him when I went to an Angels/Orioles game. The rest, as they say, is history.

St. Louis Cardinals: My years as an Angels fan and an outfielder led to Jim Edmonds being my favorite player, and practically a god. When he left, I had somewhat of a 2nd team, although I'm still an Angels fan for the most part.

Detroit Lions: Barry :censored: in' Sanders, period.

Detroit Red Wings: I think it's just because I'm a Lions fan, actually. I started to like the Wings after they were swept in the finals by the Devils in 95.

Phoenix Suns: My brother was a big Charles Barkley fan, so I just kinda followed that route. Thunder Dan became my favorite player, so I've had stops along the way as partial Cavs and Heat fans. John Paxson ruined my Disneyworld vacation in 1993.

Miami Heat:See above. Add Alonzo Mourning to the mix.

Pitt: My brother went there

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I took a Chicago straight ticket. I don't get cherry-picking your favorite teams. I tried hard to be an Ottawa Senators fan and my heart was never in it.

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Hmm, let's see.

Mets: Family tradition, just carrying it on. Although it sounds rather arranged, I have come to love the Blue and Orange.

Islanders: See above.

Giants: My family members weren't really football fans, so this was one decision I had to make on my own. At about the age of six I realized all my friends loved the G-Men, so I joined the bandwagon. It was love at first site.

NCAA Sports: I used to support whoever was the underdog, but after going on an amazing college visit to Michigan last weekend along with their recent success, I now am pulling for them. I have actually been following the football team all year.

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Bills: I live 2 mins from Ralph Wilson Stadium, so I should be a fan. Right??

Sabres/UB/Bisons: I am from the Buffalo area.

Orioles: My dad was a huge fan of Brooks Robinson when he was a kid so he became a huge O's fan. When I was growing up my dad rooted for them so obviously I took his team.

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University of Cincinnati - Both of my parents went there.

Ohio State Football - Whats not to like? I really started liking them the a year or two before they went to the national championship, whenever Steve Bellasari was QB I really liked him for some reason.

Cincinnati Reds - hometown team

Cincinnati Bengals - hometown team

Cleveland Cavaliers - home state team

but also...

Indiana Pacers - when Reggie used to play

Philadelphia 76ers - A.I. was my favorite player then I don't know what happened

Phoenix Suns - Steve Nash is my new favorite player, after all Steve Nash is my nickname.

Colorado Avalanche - Almost all of my faves played there: Peter Forsberg, Joe Sakic, Ray Bourque, Adam Foote, Patrick Roy.

Whatever team Eric Lindros plays on.

Columbus Blue Jackets - homestate team

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Falcons: Became a fan while I lived on the Mississippi Gulf Coast (when I was 8-13) because I didn't like the Saints, and the Falcons were the next closest, and I didn't wanna be a Cowboys fan because my family just jumped on my Pop's bandwagon, and I didn't wanna be a 49ers fan because everybody else in my relative family was jumping on my great uncle's bandwagon. So I wanted to be different, I chose the Falcons, was ridiculed at first, until we made the Super Bowl in 98, then who's laughing now? Well, they would be laughing soon after for a few more years, up until recently. The laughing may return...But yeah, I've experience everything there is for a Falcons fan: When we win, it is glorious. But when we lose, we go all the way in losing.

Hornets: Became a fan back when they were in Charlotte because I didn't like the Bulls (I liked MJ though.), and the Hornets were like the next best thing because they were in their division and their uniforms were great. I still think, IMO, they are the best looking team in the NBA. I was giddy when they moved to New Orleans while I lived in Biloxi, which meant that I could get to go to a few games in the N.O. I was crushed when we moved here, because I had to leave actually seeing the Hornets. But yeah, no matter where they move, they will still be my favorite. (Hawks are a close second, only because my Ma has season tickets to their games, and I will root for them anytime they aren't playing the Hornets.)

Braves: Been a fan since forever. Used to watch them all the time on TBS with my granddaddy, and it's been that way ever since.

Thrashers: Don't know much about hockey, so I just go for the hometeam. But I love the atmosphere there, and the team is really exciting now.

Mississippi State: Used to live in Columbus, MS, which was basically a hop, skip, and jump away from Starkville, MS. So yeah, I'll root for the Bulldogs in anything.

Save for the Thrashers, I have been a fan of these teams since my days in Mississippi.

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St. Louis Rams: Jumped on the bandwagon when they came to St. Louis and started 4-0 in 1995. Never jumped off.

St. Louis Cardinals: My Dad is from Southern Illinois and a Cardinals fan, so indoctrination. (That and I'm not masochistic enough to root for the Cubs.)

Nebraska Cornhuskers: The State of Illinois does not have a strong Division IA College football presence. That, combined with indoctrination from my Nebraska alum father, resulted in them being my favorite college football team.

St. Louis Blues: Peoria's hockey team has been affiliated with the Blues for most of its existence, ergo I can root for guys I got to see in my hometown when they are on the big stage.

Any team located within Peoria: pretty much self-explanatory.

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Florida State University: Dad grew up an FSU fan living 40 minutes from Tally and he went there for his Masters. I was brought up in a FSU home in Kentucky. Go Figure.

University of Louisville: Hometown team//Mom got her Masters there.

University of Alabama-Huntsville: Closest D-I hockey program to me.

Pensacola Ice Pilots: First hockey game I ever saw in person. They're the closest team to me being that they're only one hour away.

Louisville Fire: Hometown team//I love Arena Football

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Ohio State Football - Whats not to like?

EVERYTHING. Their mascot is a chocolate covered peanut butter ball. ^_^

Michigan - I have always liked them. I actually live really close to Michigan State, but I hate them. Just grew up liking Michigan.

Lions, Pistons, Red wings, Tigers - All in-state teams

Rams - All because of Torry Holt, my favorite receiver. He is consistent every year. He has no off-the-field troubles. He just goes out there and plays hard every week, he doesn't try to get attention.

Falcons - I have followed Michael Vick since he was at Va Tech, I just like the way he plays

Chargers - Because of Ladainian Tonlinson

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Canucks: hometown team

Seahawks: well there kinda the home team so that is why i like them. but last year was when i really fell in love with them.

Blue Jays: I liked both the Mariners and Bluey Jays but the Jays got more coverage than the Mariners so i began to like them more because i watched more games and learned more about them. I went to a Mariners game this year and bought a jersey so their coming back into the fold.

Mavericks: I loved Steve Nash when he played for them and when he left i didnt abbandon the Mavericks. Dirk is now my favorite player and i love Mark Cuban.

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Well I live about 20 minutes from Baltimore so thats how I liked the Orioles and Ravens. Same with the Maryland Terrapins they were the local team.

Some other teams I've rooted for:

Green Bay Packers: Before the Ravens came to town I watched them alot. When I first got interested in football the playoffs were going on. The Packers were in them and I liked Brett Favre.

Kentucky Wildcats Basketball: My mom has friends in Kentucky, so she would root for the Wildcats at times (after the Terps of course), so I did the same.

Florida Gators Football: My cousin mentioned the name to me when I was a kid. I liked it and still remember the national championship with Danny Wuerfel. At the time the Terps weren't very good and were hard to see on TV.

Toronto Raptors?: I'm thinking I may pick them up as my favorite NBA team. I've always had trouble following the NBA (probably because Baltimore doesn't have a team). But I was excited to see an Italian finally get into the league after seeing all the other Europeans coming over. So Andrea Bargnani may make me a Raptors fan.

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Mets I'm from NJ started really following baseball in the mid 80s when Mets were the best, and players like Doc Gooden were coming up.

Devils after years of being a Ranger fan frustrated after the Brian Leetch trade and getting Jagr, plus the pending move to Newark plus 3 cups convinced me it was time to be a Devils fan.

Nets Well they are in NJ and I need a basketball team and never really liked the Knicks.

Dolphins When I was 4 I liked Flipper, so I liked the team that had a Dolphin on their helmet as I got older and knew more about football along came Dan Marino and I became a Marino fan.

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Ottawa Senators My first and last true love in sports. In case you haven't noticed, I'm not your ordinary person, so it should come as no surprise that I became a hockey fan all by my lonesome here in Louisiana when I was 6 (I was watching the Winter Olympics in Calgary) and was hooked. What little I could find made me like the Oilers.

However, I heard about the NHL's expansion in 1991, and when Ottawa was awarded the franchise, I read up on the team's name, and thought it was so cool that they were naming the team after the original franchise. I was hooked right there. It was hard to explain that you were a fan of a team that was 1700 miles away, much less one that went 10-70-4 in its first season. Nevertheless, I was a faithful Sens fan from the start, and was even the only American member of the Jr. Fan Club for a while. I wrote a letter to the franchise asking about where the original name "Senators" came from, and whilst I didn't get the answer I wanted, I got a huge envelope full of stuff from the team, as well as personal letters from Pierre Gauthier (GM), Jacques Martin (Coach) and even Alexi Yashin (!!!). Needless to say, I was absolutely floored by the response, and quite frankly, I'll never cheer for another NHL team.

Florida Marlins My relationship with baseball is quite quixotic, as I'm usually indifferent to it despite being a member of SABR and intrigued with the concepts in Moneyball, despite me disagreeing with the concept vigorously, but that's for another thread.

Anyhow, I kind of fell into the Marlins lap because cheering for Nolan Ryan (and by extension the Texas Rangers) was a bit sad, as he was on his way out, as well as the fact they were a new team, and cheering for new teams is always nice to do. Besides, when you're a nominal baseball fan, you can follow the team all you want, but feign not liking them when they stunk. :) Though what really made them my team was the 1997 playoff run, as I was already a Marlins fan, but everyone at school was cheering for the Indians, including my soon-to-be first girlfriend. I stuck to my guns despite putting up with a lot of opposition, but when Craig Counsell scored to win the Series, I proudly wore my all-teal 5950 to school the next day, and everyone at school hid their faces from the oh-so-proud Marlins fan.

Not even the sell offs kept me from following the Fish, and I was not shocked by the 2003 World Series run, nor their success this season. They've always been an interesting team to follow, and I get stares from people when I wear my Marlins Franchise cap trying to figure out what team it is on my cap here in Astros/Braves country

Arminia Bielefeld The Elevator Crew has been my soccer side since 1995, when I spent the summer in Germany at my crazy uncle Fritz's house in Bielefeld. My uncle figured that since I was there, I should become a Bielefeld supporter, so he drove me to the team's facility, and walked up to the coach and told him "Make this American a Bielefeld supporter!" I got a tour of the place, and got to meet a few players, who took time out to play soccer with me, with my uncle screaming the whole time "This is real football! Not the wimpy stuff with pads!" I had a blast, and I've supported them ever since, much to the delight of my uncle, who tells everyone in town how he made his American nephew a Bielefeld fan. Thankfully, it wasn't the players being extremely nice and friendly to me or anything...

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As a resident of South Jersey, I pretty much root for the Philadelphia sports teams by default.

College football, I picked Notre Dame just because of the name (back in 1991), Rutgers because they're the only I-A team in New Jersey, and Rowan as the local college (they're D-III, though they look like a bunch of bruised bananas when they play.)

College basketball, I root for Penn first. (Hey, a team that hasn't lost a conference tournament game in over a decade has to be a good team to root for.) After Penn, I root for Villanova, St. Joseph's, Drexel, LaSalle, and Temple in that order.

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