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Boise Hawks still Boise Hawks


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i like it...i like the colors we see in this logo (not sure about all the colors mentioned in the article when thrown together...i'll have to see that before i make a judgement) and i really like the simple lines of the bird, bat and b - it works for me

what i think is a little odd is the white highlights in the "s" in the hawks wordmark...

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I like it.

The beveled edges on the wordmark are a little funky, but the color scheme is good.

"We put a lot of thought into what we wanted," said Todd Rahr, the Hawks' president and general manager. "Our primary goal was to create something that would appeal to the people of Boise."

To that end, the Hawks' new logo is deeply evocative of the town in which they play. The team's classic red, white and blue look has been replaced by a color scheme that is specific to Idaho's capital.

Rahr calls these new colors "city of trees green," "deep brick red," "sunshine orange," and "muted-yellow corn silk." They refer, respectively, to Boise's lush forests, downtown area, high desert climate and agricultural heritage.

Green? Where?

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I'm just not feeling it. Some thoughts...

* The color scheme is decent enough. I love the prominent use of "Sunshine Orange". It will be interesting to see how "City of Trees Green" fits into the overall palette.

* I understand what they were going for with the hawk. Having the bird's wings form a rather understated "B" was a decent enough idea. Still, this portion of the logo may, in fact, be too understated.

* The font in which the wordmark is rendered seems, in my opinion, too florid and overdone.

All in all, it strikes me as a mish-mash, rather than a coherent brand identity.

As for retaining their nickname, said move still doesn't address Boise management's concern that the NBA's Atlanta-based franchise "owns the Hawks name", which the Boise's front-office claimed earlier this year.

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