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Toronto Maple Leafs Alternate

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I made this concept for a possible TML alt uniform. It's more of a modern hommage to their 70's uniform with a little touch of silver along the sleeves, the lower part of the jersey, the numbers and around the main logo...

I think it's clean, classic yet modern

anyway, C and C are welcome...

in the mean time, I'll work on my earlier posted Oilers concept using your comments...



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Goin' with Pritch and Icecap on this one.

It includes the worst colour they've ever had (silver), with the worst logo they've ever had (that one), on the worst jersey they've ever had.

Good effort, but if you want to base a Leafs concept on their past jerseys, go with a different one.

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I'm a Leafs fan who will have to disagree. The jerseys those are based off of (the Ballard-era jerseys) represent the worst years of the Maple Leafs franchise. No one wants to be reminded of that era.

Eh...I love the post Centenial jerseys a lot from a design stand point, but they carry too much bad karma. Even though we had some amazing players play with that jersey (Sittler, Salming, Vaive, Clarke, MacDonald) and some great moments (Sittler's 10 point night) the Leafs were still bottom feeders for the most part and also represents Ballards direction of making money over putting a good product on the ice. Under better circumstances I'd love to see them come back...but they do bring carry too many bad memories and too much bad luck.

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