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My First Concept


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I wanted to redesign our football unis because I think our current ones look like straight up garbage (sorry I don't have a better pic). For whatever reason, almost all of our teams wear black like it's an official school color when it's not. Even worse, they can't even decide between yellow gold and metallic gold and sometimes end up using both on the same uniform.


So here's my first concept that gets rid of most of the black. I'm using a nike template because I'm tryin' to be realistic and no D2 school would have original templates designed just for them.


Here's my second version. If they INSIST on using black, I think this is a much better way of doin' it (tho I can't think of a good way of doing it overall).


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One of my best friends played ice hockey for Wayne State(He gave me a pro stock hockey stick for free[that's about 200 clams]....anywho:

I like the jerseys and the pants, but not as a pair. I'd either taper the stripes on the jerseys, or make the pant stripes the same thickness throughout. I'd also add a white outline around the helmet logo, possibly with a thin green outline between the gold "W" and the white. The font used for "Wayne State" isn't working much for me. I realize you've used the niketeam template, so I realize there aren't many to choose from. I'd still try to mess with that and even the number font, just to liven it up a bit. You might want to test out some green or white pants.

As for the black ones:

I don't like that just the pants are black. I'd keep them white, gold, or maybe even green.

It also might be nice to see "Warriors" on the home jersey and "Wayne State" on the road.

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