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A Jet flipping the Bird


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Well not since Billy Ripken's famous F*** Face Card as a sportscard created such ire as Jets Leon Washington's rookie card.


Washington is claiming, that he's just making a hand signal popular in his hometown.


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<_< Umm....Yeah. Real classy-like. Can't the NFL fine him for doing something detrimental to their image while representing them? It's different from players committing crimes off the field...unless they were in uniform at the time.

Now what dunderhead at the card company let that photo go through?

For that matter where was the photographer and why didn't he simply log in a photo rejection for that shot and take a few alternates?

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Like I used to tell my friends: "You know there's an east coast handsign and a westcoast hand sign? Well, Atlanta's is the middle finger."

Hence, he must be from the ATL.

Fake Edit: Of course, with Usher and whoever, now it's an upside down peace sign. Grumble grumble.

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