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They are all about the same. Nothing really sticks out. I definitely don't like jerseys with one sleeve colored differently, I think it is a unique approach by Nike though. Don't like the Tennesse jersey(which is spelled wrong), as you were clearly trying to play off of the Titans unis. Also you have all of these schools wearing Nike, do you realize that only Washington and South Florida actually wear Nike jerseys? Wisconsin and Tennessee are Adidas while South Carolina is outfitted by Russell. With all of that being said if had to pick one of these jerseys, it would the USF Bulls one for a few reasons. First, you fixed the helmet logo which bugs most of the members on this board. You also put a little thought into with the styling of the stripes to look like the horns of a bull. While I don't think it is that successful, it does show you were trying to use elements of their logo in the jersey.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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