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CFL unveils "Ricky Williams Rule"


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WINNIPEG? The Ricky Williams Era in the CFL is gone, but not forgotten.

Outgoing CFL commissioner Tom Wright, in his final state of the league address Friday morning, said a rule will be introduced before the start of next season that would prevent a player under suspension in the NFL from signing with a CFL club.

It'll undoubtedly come to be known as "The Ricky Williams Rule". :mojoto:

The talented running back joined the Toronto Argonauts with the approval of his NFL team, the Miami Dolphins, after that league suspended him for the 2006 season for failing its substance abuse program for the fourth time. Williams enjoyed only modest success on the field with Toronto after breaking his left arm in a game against Saskatchewan Roughriders and missing several weeks.

The new rule, however, will be grandfathered so that players still playing in the league, such as Argonaut tackle Bernard Williams, who was also suspended by the NFL for drug abuse and did not seek reinstatement when the ban ended, can continue playing.

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Good, leagues should have to honor other leagues suspensions. They are pnishment, it's not punishment if the player can just go to another league and play.

Ever been to Regina? That's a punishment in and of itself.

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I guess they don't want to be a "Minor League (sorta speak)" to the NFL, or any other league..... They dont want that to be the "second stop" for players.... They want to be right up there with the NFL.

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