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Trip to Cleveland


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I went to the Browns-Steelers game today. GREAT GAME. Browns Absolutely DOMINATED the first half (They stopped pitt from scoring the whole first half, suprising huh).

-Daven Holly GREAT INT 57 yd. return for a TD (2 INTs on the day)

-Joshua Cribbs, 92 yard Kickoff return for a TD

-Great hook-ups between Edwards and Frye (Too bad he couldn't hold on to that game winning TD :~)

-Diving grab for an INT by Willie McGinest

-Kamerion Wimbley broke the team's rookie record for sacks in a season

Great game, final outcome 24-20

Here are the FEW pics I took,

(I know im a great photographer)

Akron Marching Band @ Half Time

We are ALL witnesses

" 2


Field 2

Seat Cushion....??Dont ask

One lousy Steelers fan

Ticket Stub (Styled after 1970s)

Field 3

Field 4

Field 5

I think if Josh Cribbs wouldn't have returned the kickoff for a TD, it may have played a BIG part in the brown's 4th quarter defense, the defense was VERY tired after having to come out after the kickoff return (then Pitt scored), then after cleveland went 3 & out they had to come out.... Very tired defense caused the "sloppy defensive play" in the 4th. (IMO)

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Nice Pics

thanks....cant tell if ur being sarcastic... :~)

Most of those are views from my seats. (Dawgpound, Section 319; Seats 10, 11, 12, 13; Row 27)

Pretty good seats considering they're 2nd level seats....

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Cool Pics. I've been there 20 times or so... but, it's cool to see photos from a different perspective.

By the way... that logo on the ticket should be on Chris' Browns page. That logo was painted in the center of the end zone in the '70s and early '80s.


yea i sent it to him once or twice.... it should be on the site, but he's prolly got TONS and TONS of people that send him logos to put on the site, he prolly never gets a break..... :P ....but YES it should be on the site, i agree

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