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NFL Thanksgiving Logo


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I agree; this logo doesn't say "autumn" or "Thanksgiving" to me at all, definitely needs some brown and orange. So are we to assume that's gonna be slapped on the fields this Thursday?


There, how freakin' hard was that NFL? lol

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Looks like they're using the logo without the 2006. and it's friggan huge too. They centered it on the 20 yard line and it spreads from the 15 to the 25. geez

Anyone notice during the Cowboys game that the Thanksgiving logo was not in the same place on both ends of the field? On one end of the field it started 5 yards later than the one on the other side. It started on the 24 yd line about on the left side of the TV screen, and on the right side, it started at the 19 yd line. Yeah, I was bored...

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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