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Toledo River Monsters Concept


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+ Colors

+ Concept

+ Cleanliness

- Dragon lacks aggressiveness, it looks like it's coming up for air

- Jersey number on back is too low and the name is too big

- shoulder numbers blend in to shoulder panel

- shoulder numbers in general; you should probably move them out to the sleeves and keep the panel blank.

Other than that? It's not too bad. I'd wear the tweaked version.

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none of the string really matches...

the socks go green/white/blue/white/green, while the jersey's go green/blue/green, and the pants just go green.

also, the stripes are a little low on the cuffs... it makes the sleeves look empty, and the cuffs won't be entirely visible, with certain types of gloves. (which is ok for teams that have cuff designs... but if the cuff design is the only sleeve design, it looks a bit plain)

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I would take the sleeve numbers out of the blue shoulder yoke area and put them on the white area between the yoke and the stripe. That's a more conventional placement, plus it will be a lot easier to read a green number on white than on blue.

I'd also make the sleeve stripes thicker, as thick as the stripes on the socks.

The nameplate font is still a bit too big, and the back number is still a bit too low. And the logo itself, even if you just tweaked the eye to make him look meaner, it would make a world of difference.

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