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Kansas in Crimson


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I like it when both teams are wearing dark colors. It's not like anyone watching the game in person or on television would have been unable to tell the two squads apart.

As far as these uniforms, I like everything but the weird design going down the sides.

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Kansas wore yellow jerseys for I believe one or two games in 1987 when Danny Manning was filling the paint and Larry Brown was stalking the sidelines. Brown had a history of tinkering with the uniforms when he was Kansas including the infamous 1986 Final Four debacle in Dallas losing to Duke in red uniforms. Kansas didn't sport red uniforms again until Bill Self's first year as head coach in 2003 and has worn them i believe six times now. This was the first game with the new adidas look.

Hope this helps, by the way, I love the blue side pannels, I wish they would do the same with red on the normal roads.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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