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KC Royals


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Here are the KC Royals. NO BLACK!!! Black and blue can work, but the Royals blew that when they tried it. I emphasized gold more here. All caps are the same. Alt logo sleeve patch is on left sleeve for home and road. Home and alt pants, socks, belts are the same. Road pants have blue socks, gold piping, the opposite of the home and alt. Gold piping on all jerseys. Blue name and numbers outlined in gold on home. Blue name outline in gold and white numbers outlined in gold on road jersey. On alt, blue name and numbers outline in gold. Numbers on right side for alt, rather than left side on home and road. Blue KC on left breast in blue, outlined in gold to keep some consistency with the blue numbers and name in blue outlined in gold.

C & C as always.



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I agree with everything said thus far. I'm not feelin' the gold piping. It's too subtle, but I feel that making it more prominent will make it not look good. You're probably better off leaving the piping off, but at the very least change it to blue in my opinion.

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