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NFL Week 12 Preview


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It only got worse in the second half, with Falcons receivers playing like they rubbed down their hands with Vaseline....The crushing blow came early in the fourth quarter when Roddy White let the ball slip from his hands at the New Orleans 10 with no one around him after the Falcons had closed to 21-13. Coach Jim Mora fell to his knees in disbelief. Tight end Alge Crumpler held up his arms and looked toward the roof of the Georgia Dome, as if trying to summon some sort of divine intervention.

And people say Vick is the reason why we lose. Wide open, and drops it. They didn't mention the previous drop in open space by Michael Jenkins, the previous drop by Ashley Lelie, and basically all 3 of them flailing around going for pass interference calls instead of doing what they get paid to do and that's catch the ball. I would LOVE to challenge anybody who says Vick is the reason why we lose, when we have guys who apparently are allergic to doing their job and catching. Like seriously, they should dock their pay for every dropped ball this year.

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"Falcons 24 Saints 20"

...and the Saints fans breathe a sigh of relief.

Yeah, thanks NJTank!!

(singing) Oh when the Saints, go marching in, oh when the Saints go marching in...

P.S. Those Falcons WR's should take a lesson from Joe Horn. He's catching balls over-the-shoulder with one hand and a guy on his back when the Falcons can't catch a strike in the numbers and not a defender within 5 yards.

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