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Curry College Colonels


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This got rejected since I only used one original logo, and I can't change it since my computer has since crashed so I figured I'd post it here. I was always a fan of the Cowboys/KState Wildcats sleeve stripes and thought it lent a classy feel to the uniforms, so I went with that. Unfortunetly Curry has been working in black as an official athletic color. I tried to make it feel as D1 as possible since most of the teams in D3 (Especially in New England) are awfully bland and dull.

The uniforms we wore this year are very ugly in my opinion but under a new coach he clearly wanted to make a mark.. here are the 2006 uniforms for you to look at:



And here is my concept:


C&C greatly appreciated..

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OK ... the uniforms are solid, but there are major issues with the logo.

For one, the grey outline isn't working. Against a white background, the gray outline really doesn't set the logo off at all. I think it really needs some black. Whether you want to do that outside of the gray or in place of it is kind of a coin toss.

And the colonel's eye looks really weird. It's the only place in the logo where there's any red. And the gray outline is way too thick. It simply does not look like a human eye.

But other than those things, it's a really decent job. Keep up the good work.

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