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What Uni should AL Teams wear


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If there's one with NL Teams on it, why not try the junior circuit.

Orioles: put Baltimore on roads

Red Sox: leave as is

Yankees: touch or Steinbrenner shall fire you

Rays: Ditch the regular roads

Jays: Use 1993 gear, 1994 blue alt, 1996 red alt

White Sox: ditch names in home jerseys

Indians: ditch silver on unis

Tigers: add white alt with Tigers script

Royals: ditch black uni

Twins: ditch names on home jersey

Angels: put Anaheim on roads, they're not from LA they are from ANAHEIM!!!!!

A's: use 1981 belted white jersey with A's script

M's: use 1994 teal as alt road

Rangers: ditch sleeveless road

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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