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Fresno State Helmets


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I just flipped on the Fresno State LaTech game and noticed that Fresno has no logos on the helmet. Is there a reason why? Did Pat Hill take them away because they no longer are that team that will play anyone anywhere anymore? *A bit of sarcasm there.* On a side note, LaTech's all blue uniforms look nice.

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1-The removal of the bulldog, as OB33 alluded to, was from the players. The upperclassmen thought that the Freshman who practice as scout team before the New Mexico State game were not worthy of carrying the decal. Head coach Pat Hill decided that if it was not good for the Freshmen to wear at home, then the whole team, which had lost their last seven games prior to NMSU, were not worthy either. The coaching staff has not worn hats or visors to add to the "unworthiness".

2- To clarify what was stated by "CityofWalrus", the Green "V" on the back acknowledges the San Joaquin Valley where Fresno is located. Pat Hill initiated the "V" in 1997. The green symbolizes the agricultural background, since nearly 25% of the US's farmland in terms of actual dollars is within this region where they get over 40% of their players and their target audience, as north as Modesto to as south as Bakersfield, along CA Hwy. 99. hill wanted to create a local feel similar to the Green Bay Packers. The "Green V" has also become a premium level for donations for teh Fresno State athletic programs,over $10,000/year.

Up until 2005, California State University Fresno (Fresno State) was the major research, and most well known university in Central California. The University of California-Merced opened its doors in 2005.

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