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carolina cobras


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just playin' around and whipped this up...there really isn't such a team in any of my leagues - i'd like some c&c on how to improve it...thanks in advance


primary w/ wordmark

secondary lettermark...i have to give credit here...someone did a copperheads logo a few months ago and formed a "c" out of the snake, and i borrowed the idea - sorry that i can't remember who it was, but thanks for the inspiration!

edit - the new secondary will be a letter "c" with fangs


edit - deleted secondary and helmet...back to the drawing board

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I can't wait for GMS to see your secondary logo.

yeah..i just did a site search and found his...WOW...i can't believe exactly how close i got to that (although the original is MUCH better)

i really liked what he did...obviously it stuck with me

gms...if you'd like me to take down the secondary and helmet, i'll gladly do so...didn't mean to blatantly rip your stuff

for reference, here is the logo that "inspired" me

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I think for the most part, the problem you are having here with this logo is the same one I had when I designed the Cleveland Cobras logo...It looks kinda feminine and happy. Maybe sketch out a couple ideas and go with it.

It is a very good start though.

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i've tinkered with the primary some...here are 2 options



i'm leaning toward the first because it's not only more anatomically correct, the large expanse of yellow in the second seems boring


here is the "hooded c" lettermark...not sure it's quite right yet, but at least it isn't a complete rip-off :)




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I am not sure if this will help, but I did it quick in paint. this is what I think can make it better


Okay, first, I think you should bring the right side of his nose in a little bit. (our right, not his right). The line to the left of that is just like a guide. That is about where the middle of his head would be. Using that, the eye is too high, and to far to the right. Bring it down and angle it more the way I have drawn the oval.(not necesarily in that shape, but you get the idea I hope.) Finally, bring the right edge of the lower part of his mouth over to the left a little bit. I'm not sure if this will help, but that is what I think.

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getting closer...




secondary...i returned to the first "cobra c" that i did, but executed it differently...it's still very much like the work that gms did on the copperheads logo, but i think it's now different enough to pass muster



pnd - thanks for your help with the eye placement...definate improvement!

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