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Sketchy Scoring In The NBA


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Report: Scoring gaffe in Raps-Hawks game

According to a report in the Toronto Star, the scorekeepers working the Toronto Raptors' road loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Friday night mistakenly withheld two points from Raptors guard T.J. Ford with just over four minutes left in the fourth quarter.

Although the Hawks still would have won had the error not happened - they defeated the Raptors 97-93 - the mistake affected the sequence of events. Had the score been right all along, the game would have been tied with 27 seconds left, giving the Raptors a chance to win.

Hawks' guard Joe Johnson made a free throw with 4:42 left and the scorekeepers apparently awarded the point to the Raptors, making the score 85-79 instead of the correct 86-78. Then, Ford raced down the court for his layup. At that point, the scorekeepers realized they had made a mistake on the Johnson free throw and took away the point from Toronto and gave it to Atlanta.

Subsequently, they didn't give Toronto the two points for Ford's layup. The eight-point lead on the scoreboard should have been six.

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"Right now, I don't know how to feel," Raptors coach Sam Mitchell told the Star. "The scary thing is let's say we would have lost the game by one, then what? . . . Let's say we lose the game by one point and then they go back and realize some kind of way they misplaced two points. Does the NBA come back and award you the win?"

The loss was the Raptors' seventh in eight games and they have not won on the road since defeating the New York Knicks on March 21, 2006 at Madison Square Garden.

With files from the Toronto Star

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It's the NBA, everyone knows all the games are fixed. It's easy to see that David Stern hates the Toronto Raptors and the refs and scorers are all in cahoots.

People make mistakes. No one is perfect at their job. We're all merely between :censored: ups.

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