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You have never seen this before....ever

Alphabet Man

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Very good ideas and very well executed, although there's a little too much conceptual overlap between Australia and Canada. One question, though:

Why don't the Canadian blokes get a crotch leaf?

I thought the blokes wouldn't want a leaf there. Heh dont know why its okay for the ladies though.

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yup. pretty damn sure. especially on how in the concept you can actually see that its a leaf.

Eh, it was the 70's, considering this was the decade that brought us the ball-in-glove logo, I'd say the Summit Series sweaters were all right.

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heh, I aint much of a swimming fan (ironically, swimming's one of the few sports my high school's consistently good at) but Aus' set looks better than what our girls' team wore.

the US set, heh, I probably woulda made a similar choice, as stripes woulda made teh whole thing look like one of them ugly 1930s beach togs

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