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What is stealing?


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I know its stealing if I take the hartford whalers logo off this site put it on t-shirts etc... and sell it on ebay.

But, Is it stealing if I take the logo and put it on jerseys for my rec hockey team? Just for us to wear, not to make a profit?

Well then, If scenario 2 is "stealing" am I stealing because I have my sister's company logo (our sponsor) on our Jerseys? We have Maple Leaf pattern jerseys with her logo on it. (See pic to the left) I know we are using my sister's logo w/permission, but we did not get permission for the leafs pattern.

Basically I'm wondering, is it ok to use a logo somebody else created as long as you are not selling it or turning it over for a profit.

For example, If sombody took the Johnny Canuck logo that we all love and put it on a t-shirt for personal use is that stealing? Considering you can't find a t-shirt with that logo for sale? Is my signature stealing? I didn't get permission to use it, somebody here made it for me. Should I have got permission?

Just curious.

Thanks a lot,


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All of the above scenarios are stealing. It doesn't really matter if you are reselling it or not. The selling doesn't constitute the theft. Technically if everybody did that instead of buying licensed product than the team/league loses money and it's basically the same thing as selling it.

Now, if you go out and make one are they going to send you to jail? Probably not, but yes, technically it is stealing.

And yes, you are about the 300th person to ask this question.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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