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Topeka Tilt

Ez Street

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No "Offical announcement yet, but this is what is happening.

The Tucson Tilt of the Western States Hockey League (Junior B) will move to Landon Arena in Topeka, Kansas next season.

The team is owned by several World Series of Poker players.


Here is the only mention of this so far.... (Marc Foster, you are the man)


Wonder who the hack was that changed the logo. Some idiot with only enough skill to erase Tucson and Type in Topeka. :D (Try not to think too hard.)

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Hey EZ, your re-lettering looks a lot better than the version I got from Jason a few weeks ago. Breaking the relocation on the blog was easy, sitting on it when the whole thing was my idea in the first place... THAT was hard.

But hey, I was just trying to help out Lawsy and the good fans of Topeka. B)

And for the record, the Tilt are NOT the Texans. The Texans folded and the Tilt owners paid the league, not the Texans owners, for a team. They happened to get the same coach, Jeremy Law, and thanks to the less than restrictive nature of Junior B rostering and player rights, he was able to secure the rights to most of the players that were returning.

Marc - who happened to be the Fort Worth Texans broadcaster and jack-of-all-trades last season...

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No name change in store...we tried. Full Tilt paid some jack for the naming rights.

There is a possiblity of a throwback night. They might be wearing retro Scarecrows jerseys. If you call something from 1998 retro.

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David.... are you telling us that this team has already folded before it even made it to Topeka?

It's not yet official, but it's pretty close... the players have all left (or are still packing) and the coach is gone. The team is in severe debt and the trigger should be pulled at midnight tomorrow when it does not make a $20k payment to the league.


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